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Corn Removal Surgery in Staten Island
This website is here to provide you with information about our podiatry practice. If you are in need of a foot doctor in Manhattan, you’ve come to the right place. As foot specialists, we offer a broad range of services in the field of podiatry, from check-ups to treatment. Whether you need nail fungus treatment in Brooklyn or foot surgery in Queens, we at Peninsula Foot Care (located in Queens) have the knowledge, experience and state of the art equipment to provide fast, effective, and comfortable treatment. We also place tremendous value on personal relationships with our patients. Whether at the reception desk or in the examination room, you’ll feel attended to at all times. Learn more about our practice here.


Foot Surgery in Queens
Here, you can find out about all of the services we provide – from diagnosis to therapy. Diagnostics include ultrasound, fluroscopy, x-ray, nerve and circulation testing.

Treatment includes conservative and surgical management of multiple foot and ankle problems. If you suffer from ankle or foot problems in Staten Island or the surrounding area, call the foot care specialists at Peninsula Foot Care (located in Queens) today.    718-327-3968

Q-Clear Laser Nail Treatment for Fungal Toe Nails
Hammer Toe Treatment in Manhattan
Laser Nail Treatment in Queens
We are proud to offer a state-of-the–art laser treatment for fungal nail infections using the Q-Clear™ Laser System which is approved by the FDA for the treatment of Onychomycosis. The procedure is typically pain free and is conveniently preformed in our office. The procedure is safe and you can return to normal activity immediately following the treatment.

How does the laser treatment work?

Nail Fungus Treatment in BrooklynOur doctors use a Q-Switched NdYAG laser which is one of the most advanced dermatologic lasers currently available. In 3-10 billionths of a second, impulses of high power laser energy pass through the nail to the nail bed and nail growth area with typically no damage to the nail or surrounding skin. At the time of the procedure no visible change is seen until the nail begins to grow out. In a few months, a more normal nail is expected to appear with complete regrowth of the nail taking up to 9-12 months.

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Foot Doctors in Staten IslandPreventive medical check-ups are more important today than ever before. We offer a variety of preventive medical check-ups.

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Ultrasound Tests

Foot Problems in Staten IslandAlso known in medical jargon as sonography, ultrasonic testing provides early information about the condition of your lower extremity and feet.

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