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Hammertoe Treatment in Manhattan

Hammertoe Treatment in Manhattan

In a hammertoe the deformity usually exists in one toe (at the proximal inter phalangeal joint) - the base of the toe points upward and the end of the toe points down.

The symptoms of a hammer toe are usually first noticed when a corn develops on the top of the toe and becomes painful, usually when wearing tight shoes. There may be a bursa under the corn or instead of a corn, depending on the pressure. Most of the symptoms are due to pressure from footwear on the toe. There may be a callus under the metatarsal head at the base of the toe. Initially a hammer toe is usually flexible, but when longstanding it becomes more rigid.

Hammer toes can be due to a number of things. Several factors are known to increase the risk of developing hammer toes:


  • Hammertoe Treatment in Manhattansome people are just structurally prone to develop hammer toes (hereditary)
  • tight footwear is an important factor in the cause of hammer toes as well as providing the pressure that causes the symptoms
  • weaker small muscles in the foot may also play a role.

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